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Can you bring yourself to work?

When asked to speak at a diversity conference, I began to conduct background research to supplement my demographic data. My research turned up an advertisement that I felt truly made the business case for diversity in all its categories. Here it is:

When you left for work this morning, what did you leave behind?*

[Read on...]

French Newspaper Visits Detroit, the “Paris of the West”

Unemployment almost doubled in Detroit between January 2008 and July 2009, rising from 14.8% to 28.9%. The real rate may be over 40%, according to Kurt Metzger, director of the Detroit area Community Information System [Read on...]

Fill up your fuel efficient Ford Fusion and cruise into affordable living!

Where else can you buy an award-winning, fuel efficient car and keep it filled with cheap gas? DETROIT!

Ford Motor Company swept the North American Car and Truck of the year awards at the 2010 North American International Auto Show with the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Transit Connect. That’s especially good news for [Read on...]

Painting pictures by the numbers

This Detroit Free Press graph is grim, but does it paint the whole picture?

Tables. Pie charts. Histograms. Line graphs. Depicting data is our bread and butter, but we realize that it’s Greek to most people. That’s why D-ACIS is using mapping technologies to help you visualize what numbers really mean. It’s so true: [Read on...]

In 2010, the sky’s the limit

Can a simple paper airplane lift Detroit's economy?

I was reading USA Today over the holiday break and came across a small story with the title, “Paper airplane flight sets record.” According to the article, Japanese paper airplane virtuoso Takua Toda set a world record for a hand-launched paper airplane on December 27, 2009. [Read on...]