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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

How do We Develop Neighborhoods of Opportunity?

A significant impediment to this re-invigoration is the widespread and systemic inequity plaguing marginalized populations and communities. Communities of color, particularly African-American communities, are more and more isolated from the essential opportunity structures needed to succeed and thrive in the 21st century global society. Such isolation, caused by factors such as divestment, job [Read on...]

The Census is Coming! The Census is Coming!

The census is coming! Make sure you're counted!

When the first U.S. census was conducted in 1790, cries of undercount were heard across the land. Surely there were more than about 4 million residents in the new nation!

Ever since, the Census Bureau has made an effort to conduct an accurate count [Read on...]

Driving Decisions with Data

I remember a few months ago, the New York Times reported about efforts underway in local governments across the country to make government data more accessible through the internet. The article asked a great question: “What good is a pile of data?”

Not much good at all. Statistics are a lot like any other raw [Read on...]

A Booming Idea for Playgrounds

London is for swingers—especially those over the age of 65.

One London neighborhood is actually designing an outdoor playground for Baby Boomers. The park will offer low-impact exercise equipment to help older people improve their balance, flexibility and muscle tone.

“Every park has a children’s playground, very few have playgrounds for adults, and none [Read on...]

Haulin’ it out of Michigan

The moving industry’s numbers have been corroborated by the Census Bureau, which estimates that Michigan lost 278,000 persons to domestic out-migration[1] between 2006 and 2009. And our own Data Driven Detroit (D3) analysis of IRS migration data revealed that every state in the country gained Michigan residents between 2007 and 2008 (latest data [Read on...]

Counting on Black History Month

With the 2010 census upon us, we at Data Driven Detroit have been working to educate “hard-to-count” populations about the importance of being counted. The NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund estimates that Wayne County suffered an undercount of about 30,000 people in the 2000 census, costing the area $9.3 million in federal funds.

I’ll be [Read on...]