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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

Oakland County’s future isn’t just black and white

Kurt Metzger (center) stands with a diverse group from Leadership Oakland.

Recently, the Detroit News reported that people were pouring out of Wayne County faster than our of any other county in the United States. Since 2000, the county has lost 135,513 people—a bit more than 23,000 of them left last year alone.

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Men’s memories? Forget about it…

If the professor had been under the age of 50, maybe his story would have been different.

Now that I’m at midlife, sometimes my wife thinks I’m losing my mind. New research from the Centre for Longitudinal Studies suggests that she might be right–at age 50, a woman’s memory is better than a [Read on...]

A Poll With Promise: What one study says about our hope for the future

Detroit has become the poster-child for a 21st Century, post-industrial region searching for a future. We are under the microscopes of the media, the federal government, the academic and research communities, national and local foundations, and ordinary residents. While we don’t always take kindly to what others have to say about us, we need to [Read on...]


When it comes to a healthy start for all children in Detroit, I don’t want to talk about teens or unwed mothers. I want to talk about babies starting out life with a real disadvantage–and what we’re going to do about it.

This month, Data Driven Detroit released a ground-breaking study –”Right Start in [Read on...]

Fat Chance: The numbers bear out the First Lady’s call for fitness

First Lady Michelle Obama targets childhood obesity

I’m a data guru, not a diet expert. But since First Lady Michelle Obama launched her “Let’s Move” initiative to address childhood obesity, I decided to see what the numbers have to say about America’s fitness. I looked into my crystal ball, which, for us [Read on...]