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The world is knocking at Detroit’s front door

Kunle Ifesanya tells of his Detroit experience while Delphine Regnauld of France listens.

As the poster child for industrial decline , Detroit has become a favorite subject of study and dissection. It can be exhausting. But one of the benefits of the renewed interest in Detroit is that the city has the potential [Read on...]

We’re number two! We’re number two!

Last Friday, June 18, 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the State of Michigan had the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. This marked the first time since April 2006—49 consecutive months—that Michigan was not number one! The dubious distinction has now been passed along to Nevada. The May 2010 numbers showed [Read on...]

Michigan’s Defining Moment: Dark Clouds, Silver Linings

Are only storm clouds on the horizon for Michigan? According to two experts, maybe so. But taking a hard look at the facts and figures is the only way we can brighten up the horizon.

On May 27, 2010, Leaders Without Borders sponsored a breakfast meeting to discuss the report “Michigan’s Defining Moment—Making it [Read on...]

GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test Finds 38 Million American Drivers May be Unfit for Roads

D3’s recent work with the Center for Michigan found a number of areas – particularly around education, employment and income—where Michigan ranked near the bottom. As a result, we are always pleased to report better news—even if it’s not about our economic recovery.

Every year, GMAC Insurance asks drivers to complete a National Drivers Test [Read on...]

Hey, Baby, what’s happening?

When I was in Eastern Market over the Memorial Day weekend, it seemed like there were babies everywhere. But statistics show that fewer Michiganders are having children.

The State of Michigan has just released 2008 data and the trend of decreasing births that began after 1990 is continuing.

“Figure 1” shows Michigan’s birth [Read on...]