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Where Are the Babies?

Birth data for 2009 are just coming out from the Michigan Department of Community Health and the story they tell is more of the same – births and birth rates continue to drop. The 2009 total of 117,309 represents a 23 percent decrease since the most recent post-baby boom period high of 153,080 in 1990. [Read on...]

We Need to Listen to the Kids

I had the honor and pleasure of participating in a press conference on February 8 announcing the release of the latest Kid’s Count in Michigan report. While no press were in attendance (guess it was just a conference then), the time was well worth it because I got to meet participants from the program “Our [Read on...]

Don’t Believe Every Number You See

I was lying in bed a couple nights ago reading last week’s issue of Newsweek. The cover story was, of course, about the uprising in Egypt and the unrest in other Middle Eastern countries, such as Yemen and Tunisia.

While the overall issues being raised in Egypt are extremely important, it is the demographic aspect [Read on...]

Community Engagement is a Beautiful Thing!

The Census Bureau has begun the process of releasing the first set of local data files from the 2010 Census. The PL94-171, or redistricting files, contain the information – race/ethicity and gender of the voting age population for every single “census block” in the state – that will serve as the basis for constructing all [Read on...]

Great Exposure for Detroit!

I boarded a Delta flight in Fort Lauderdale on Monday, January 31 on my way back from a great 6-day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. [By the way, my tan looks really good when contrasted with the snow.]

It was not until I looked in the seat pocket in front of me that I remembered [Read on...]