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What’s All This Talk About Plato? Just Ask Wikipedia.

My respect for Wikipedia increases every day. There was a time in its early days when I scoffed at someone who relied on it for answers. It was clear that, while a number of serious, committed individuals were spending incredible amounts of time bringing “the facts” to the public, there were others just [Read on...]

We May Be Down, But We Certainly Aren’t Out!

The long-awaited 2010 Census counts were released yesterday for the State of Michigan and all its subdivisions – down to the block level. Now the redistricting process for US. Congress, State House and Senate, and County Commissioners can begin.

While we have known since December that Michigan was the only state in the union to [Read on...]

March May Be Women’s History Month but Why Aren’t We Naming Our Daughters Mildred or Florence or Gladys or Gertrude Anymore?

In 1909, Mary was far and away the most favorite name for baby girls, outdistancing its runner-up Helen by a two-to-one ratio. The rest of the Top 5 included Margaret, Ruth and Dorothy. While you still run across some of these names – the 2009 rankings were Mary (102), Helen (389), Margaret (187) and Ruth [Read on...]

What’s In A Name?

I just read a story of a young man in Egypt who decided to name his first born daughter “Facebook” to commemorate the way the social networking site helped protesters get organized to topple Hosni Mubarak. Alexia Tsotsis , writing for TechCrunch and citing a story in Al-Ahram, stated that while the girl could [Read on...]