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The Walkability Factor

by Lisa Rayle, Transportation Consultant

walkable grid – small block size // less walkable subdivision – large block size

In last week’s Times, Chris Leinberger argued that the apparent shift in homeowner preferences toward walkable, urban neighborhoods will spell decline for the far-flung auto-oriented suburbs. Leinberger, a Brookings fellow [Read on...]

Census 2010: You Can Count on Counties

by Clay Martin, Research Analyst

With so many changes in life, it would be nice to be able to count on counties to be there when you need them. For the most part, you can. Of the 3,234 counties listed in the 2000 Census, 3,221 were still around in 2010.* Of the counties that [Read on...]

Toxic Releases!

By Amy Grodin, Environmental Analyst

Total Amount of Fugitive Air Pollution Released: 1988 – 2009 from datadrivendetroit on Vimeo.

This video shows total air pollution in Detroit census tracts as monitored from 1988-2009 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For 1988 through the mid 1990’s, heavy concentrations of toxic releases into the atmosphere [Read on...]

Packing the Park: How Big is Belle Isle?

by Kevin Chapo, GIS Analyst

If every member of the United States lived in an area with the population density of Brooklyn, NY (35,000 per sq mi) we all could fit into New Hampshire, the 5th smallest state.

At 982 acres (1.534 sq mi), Belle Isle Park is the largest city island park in [Read on...]

Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized Screened at the Detroit Film Theatre

by Louis Bach, Communications

The documentary “Urbanized” was shown at the DIA on Tuesday, October 11; director Gary Hustwit took questions after the screening. “Urbanized” is the third of Hustwit’s highly-regarded trilogy of documentaries about design, following “Helvetica” (on the typeface) and “Objectified” (on industrial design of consumer products).

Detroit features prominently in the [Read on...]

Personal Income Rides Off Into the Sunset

By Danny Devries, Data Analyst

As home to the “Big Three,” Detroit is the Motor City, the modest region that drives the world. But what drives Detroiters? Cars, cars, cars. Sure, we have our SMART and DDOT buses, but according to the OneD Scorecard, Detroit has the sixth highest percentage of people who drive [Read on...]