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Another Nail in the Regional Transit Coffin

Just as I was making a partial recovery from the news of the Light Rail project cancellation, and fighting myself not to send a diatribe to the newspapers, I was greeted with the not wholly unexpected vote by the Troy City Council not to accept the Federal government’s offer of $8.5 million for the intermodal [Read on...]

Michigan Will Never Prosper When Politics Drives Every Decision!

You would think that gerrymandering the 14 remaining U.S. Congressional Districts and diluting Latino representation in both the Michigan House and Senate districts in Detroit (maps are available through Data Driven Detroit by emailing Askkurt@datadrivendetroit.org) would be enough damage to dole out for one election cycle. But NO! Now, because they lost the majority [Read on...]

Dasher & Data & Prancer & Vixen: ‘Tis the Season for Open Data

By Louis Bach, Communications

It’s the season of giving, and the Atlantic Cities has given us a recap of the ten best new urban data sets of 2011. The list illustrates the trend of city governments making public data sets actually available to the public.

The list is quite eclectic, including:

Code violations [Read on...]

Don’t Hate the Cities, Hate the Rankings

By Louis Bach, Communications

City crime rankings imply distributions of crime like illustration C, with uniform crime rates within a city that change suddenly at a city border. Crime occurs more frequently in patterns like illustration D, with crime focused around a hot spot and diminishing with distance. Source: NIJ

In October, D3 responded [Read on...]

Congratulations, Grandpa Kurt

D3 is pleased to announce an exciting expansion of our extended family.

World, meet our new Junior Analyst, Claire Elizabeth Fulton.

Claire joined the team this morning shortly before 10:45 AM. She weighs 7 lbs 10 oz and is 20.5 inches long.

Population Centers Through the Decades

Detroit’s Population Center Has Shifted Northwest 1.5 Feet Per Day Since 1970

by Rob Linn, GIS SpecialistIn all of the coverage and analysis surrounding the release of the 2010 Census results, another significant landmark passed by seemingly unnoticed. Between 2000 and 2010, the center of the metropolitan population moved 3,842 feet to the northwest, to [Read on...]

ANOTHER FINE MESS: Mass Confusion on Literacy Rates in Detroit

By Danny Devries, Data Analyst & Louis Bach, Communications

It seems that if you spend enough time in Detroit, someone will, sooner or later, tell you that half of the city’s population is illiterate. It happened to us most recently on the December 1st episode of the Craig Fahle show when a caller rang in [Read on...]

Tearing of the Urban Fabric

By Lisa Rayle, Transportation Consultant

Detroit’s downtown street grid in 1896. Block edges that have since been lost are highlighted in yellow. Source: B. Ryan

As Detroiters visit a festive Campus Martius Park this holiday season, they might be inspired to imagine how downtown felt in the 1920s, when the buildings were new [Read on...]

Plane, Train, or Automobile (or Bus)

By Louis Bach, Communications

Amtrak has announced that they are upgrading the infrastructure on their Detroit-Chicago line:

A $196 million grant will reduce train travel time by 30 minutes between Detroit and Chicago. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood awarded the grant to the Michigan Department of Transportation for track and signal improvements between [Read on...]