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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

D3 is Moving!

D3 is currently in transition to new offices. During this transition, we may not be reachable at our old address or through our old office phone numbers. The best way to contact us is via email or through Ask Kurt.

It’s been an honor serving Detroit’s communities from this location, and we’ll always carry fond [Read on...]

State Integrity Report Card: Michigan

By Louis Bach, Communications

The State Integrity Investigation has released corruption risk report cards for all fifty states, and Michigan is among the eight states that received an F for its vulnerability to corruption. Though Michigan received an A for its internal auditing and scores of B- for both its state budget process and procurement, [Read on...]

Diversity is the Future for Michigan

by Kurt Metzger, Director

The following originally appeared as a post on the Detroit Data Guru.

The Census Bureau released its newest compilation of 2010 Census data for Michigan on March 8. This file allows us to understand the demographics of the growing racial and ethnic groups across our [Read on...]

Meet the Staff: Erica Raleigh, Public Safety Analyst

by Louis Bach, Communications

D3’s data systems project manager and public safety analyst, Erica Raleigh, has been with the organization for nearly its entire existence. She was hired in early 2009 to compile the One D scorecard; since then, she has managed and contributed to projects including Detroit Kids Data, the Center for Michigan [Read on...]

Feeding Inkster With Community Gardens

By Katharine Frohardt-Lane, Research Analyst

In 2010-2011, the National Kidney Foundation Michigan (NKFM) received a capacity-building grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health‘s Office of Minority Health to reduce minority health disparities in the community of Inkster in western Wayne County. The first year of the grant was devoted to identifying key community stakeholders [Read on...]

Meet the Staff: Nate Barnes, Research Analyst

by Louis Bach, Communications

The D3 staff blog will periodically profile our staff members, offering a picture of the analysts and other staffers behind Data Driven Detroit. Today, we feature research analyst Nate Barnes.

After completing the undergraduate program in political science at Michigan State University, Nate moved to Detroit to pursue [Read on...]

Diversity is the Future for Michigan

The Census Bureau released its newest compilation of 2010 Census data for Michigan on March 8. This file allows us to understand the demographics of the growing racial and ethnic groups across our State and in our neighborhoods. While Data Driven Detroit will begin to produce a series of Detailed Race/Ethnic profiles, I decided [Read on...]

D3 Goes West: the Portland NNIP Conference

By Danny Devries, Economic Analyst

Danny Devries and Kat Hartman in Portland

It can be tough out there for a data analyst; most people don’t quite understand what we do, so I just say “I make maps.” When they respond “Haven’t you heard of Google Maps?,” I can only stare forlornly. Luckily, D3 [Read on...]

A Fine-Grained Look at Food Accessibility

By Louis Bach, Communications

Researchers at Michigan State University have recently raised the bar for quantifying food accessibility. They visited 94 retail locations in Lansing and East Lansing and recorded the presence or absence of 447 food items. From there, they mapped the pedestrian and automotive accessibility zones for each of those items, showing [Read on...]

Beauty Truly is in the Eye of the Beholder!

I am sure that everyone reading this post has been to the Zoo at sometime in their life. I grew up going to the Cincinnati Zoo and have tried to visit others when in cities around the country. I remember being overwhelmed by the size of the Detroit Zoo when I first moved here in [Read on...]