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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

Food Insecurity Across America

by Louis Bach, Communications

Check out the food insecurity map created by Feeding America, which visualizes the USDA’s measure of households that lack access to nutritionally adequate food. (Food insecurity, in other words, means that a household sometimes goes hungry because it is forced to make trade-offs between food and other basic needs, such [Read on...]

County Health Rankings and Ratings

By Katharine Frohardt-Lane

Would you have guessed that, by one measure, the healthiest county overall in Michigan is Leelanau? Now, thanks to the “County Health Rankings and Ratings,” a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institute, you can investigate health measures for your county and state easily [Read on...]

Gut-Check: Fifty Thousand Stray Dogs in Detroit?

By Louis Bach, Communications

Image courtesy of Rolling Stone

In Rolling Stone’s story on the organization calling itself Detroit Dog Rescue, the magazine gives voice to an unattributed estimate that the city of Detroit has 50,000 stray dogs. The author, Mark Binelli, acknowledges the number “seems quite inflated,” but the figure still made it [Read on...]

D3 Takes on TechTown

By Dana Politi, Staff Contributor

As we settle into our new home at TechOne, Model D’s recent interview with TechTown CEO and President Leslie Smith has given us insight on the impact the New Center’s business incubator is having on Detroit’s small business world. According to the business accelerator’s website, TechTown’s office, research, and [Read on...]