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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

New Interactive Tool: DPS Properties for Sale

by Louis Bach, Communications

Data Driven Detroit, in conjunction with the Old Schools, New Uses conference, has released a new interactive tool to provide users with information about Detroit Public School buildings and properties that are featured for sale. The tool provides prospective re-developers with contextual information about [Read on...]

2012 Michigan Scorecard Now Available

by Louis Bach, Communications

The 2012 Michigan Scorecard, a product of collaboration between The Center for Michigan and Data Driven Detroit, is now available. The Scorecard tracks Michigan’s status through twenty-eight measures in three areas: Talent and Education, Economy and Quality of Life, and Effective Government. From the Scorecard’s website:

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Census Bureau Director’s Blog on “A Future Without Key Social and Economic Statistics for the Country”

by Louis Bach, Communications

Last week we reacted to the House of Representatives’ vote to eliminate the American Community Survey, the Census Bureau’s means for gathering important socioeconomic data. On Friday, the Census Bureau itself weighed in, describing the impact of the legislation.


The Appropriations Bill eliminates the Economic Census, which measures [Read on...]

A Child’s Connection to Their Community Starts with a Bike Ride

By Dana Politi, Staff Contributor

In a recent study, transportation professor Bruce Appelyard selected two suburban areas: the first had high amounts of traffic and was not conducive to children walking or biking through their neighborhood; the other had light traffic, and children regularly rode their bikes and walked in the neighborhood.

In his [Read on...]

House Votes to Eliminate American Community Survey

Rep. Daniel Webster, author of the measure to eliminate the census American Community Survey. Photo: AP via Huffington Post

The U.S. House of Representatives voted (232 – 190) on Wednesday to eliminate funding for the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, which collects socioeconomic data that is used to determine how more than $400 billion [Read on...]

Technological Advancement and Manufacturing Jobs

By Dana Politi, Staff Contributor

The 2012 presidential elections are quickly approaching, and with the anticipation come a slew of hot topics starting to unravel in the discussions. One such topic that President Obama is making very public is the need for support of current and future manufacturing jobs in his “built-to-last” economic strategy. [Read on...]

Energy Usage Map: New York City

Check out the energy use map developed by Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science for New York City. The map’s been widely covered for providing an important service to accelerate the conversation around energy use and related concepts: conservation, cogeneration, etc.

We like the map too. In the spirit of critical examination, [Read on...]

New Estimates Show an Increase in Bicycle Commuters

By Dana Politi, Staff Contributor

With gas prices rising, it is not surprising that many urban areas, large and small, have seen a jump in cyclist traffic. Current U.S. Census Bureau estimates show that bicycling as a primary means of transportation has increased 50% since 2000, even though cycling to work still only accounts for [Read on...]

A Neighborhood’s Most Important Asset: Walkability

By Dana Politi, Staff Contributor

Walkability is becoming a major factor in the future of communities, as suggested by the New York Times’ coverage on the slowing growth of exurbs (or outer suburbs.) Recently released census data indicates that migration to the exurbs remains slow even as America recovers from a recession. [Read on...]

Meet the Staff: Kat Hartman

By Louis Bach, Communications

Kat Hartman conducting surveys in Ethiopia

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is proud to count among its staff a number of members with a history of doing data-driven and socially conscious work. Today we profile the work of Kat Hartman, one of D3’s Research Analysts and the head of our Communications [Read on...]