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Interactive Map: Census Response Rates


Check out Slate’s interactive map showing the 2010 Census’ response rate for every county in the contiguous United States. The map also displays whether each county voted Republican or Democrat in the 2008 elections. As Slate points out, the map highlights a gap in partisan politics around the census: Washington legislators are divided along [Read on...]

Five Objective Truths for Craig Fahle

by Data Driven Detroit Staff

WDET host Craig Fahle has called on the public to provide “five objective truths” about Detroit to share with the world at the upcoming Association for Alternative Newsmedia convention. Data Driven Detroit is answering the call by drawing on our history of addressing misconceptions about the city.

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Per Capita Income Doesn’t Grow on Trees

by Morgan Robinson, Analyst

In his blog, “Per Square Mile”, Tim de Chant has been mapping income inequality by looking at local differences in tree cover. He has found that areas with higher income also have a greater density of trees. Data Driven Detroit’s analysts wanted to see if the same data could be [Read on...]