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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

ARISE Detroit’s Neighborhoods Day

By Louis Bach, Communications

August 4 is Neighborhoods Day, a day-long event which features over one hundred activities in Metro Detroit, ranging from neighborhood cleanups to music festivals to library book fairs. The events are coordinated by ARISE Detroit, a coalition of community groups dedicated to volunteerism and social improvement.

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New Interactive Tool: DPS Properties for Sale

by Louis Bach, Communications

Data Driven Detroit, in conjunction with the Old Schools, New Uses conference, has released a new interactive tool to provide users with information about Detroit Public School buildings and properties that are featured for sale. The tool provides prospective re-developers with contextual information about [Read on...]

2012 Michigan Scorecard Now Available

by Louis Bach, Communications

The 2012 Michigan Scorecard, a product of collaboration between The Center for Michigan and Data Driven Detroit, is now available. The Scorecard tracks Michigan’s status through twenty-eight measures in three areas: Talent and Education, Economy and Quality of Life, and Effective Government. From the Scorecard’s website:

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Census Bureau Director’s Blog on “A Future Without Key Social and Economic Statistics for the Country”

by Louis Bach, Communications

Last week we reacted to the House of Representatives’ vote to eliminate the American Community Survey, the Census Bureau’s means for gathering important socioeconomic data. On Friday, the Census Bureau itself weighed in, describing the impact of the legislation.


The Appropriations Bill eliminates the Economic Census, which measures [Read on...]

Meet the Staff: Kat Hartman

By Louis Bach, Communications

Kat Hartman conducting surveys in Ethiopia

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is proud to count among its staff a number of members with a history of doing data-driven and socially conscious work. Today we profile the work of Kat Hartman, one of D3’s Research Analysts and the head of our Communications [Read on...]

D3’s Kurt Metzger at Warren/Conner’s Town Hall

by Louis Bach, Communications

On April 26, the Warren/Conner Development Coalition hosted a town hall meeting on City Council districts (“How Can the Council District System Facilitate the Change We Need in Our Neighborhoods?”). The town hall meeting’s goals were to educate local residents and stakeholders on the new City Council district system; to discuss [Read on...]

Food Insecurity Across America

by Louis Bach, Communications

Check out the food insecurity map created by Feeding America, which visualizes the USDA’s measure of households that lack access to nutritionally adequate food. (Food insecurity, in other words, means that a household sometimes goes hungry because it is forced to make trade-offs between food and other basic needs, such [Read on...]

Gut-Check: Fifty Thousand Stray Dogs in Detroit?

By Louis Bach, Communications

Image courtesy of Rolling Stone

In Rolling Stone’s story on the organization calling itself Detroit Dog Rescue, the magazine gives voice to an unattributed estimate that the city of Detroit has 50,000 stray dogs. The author, Mark Binelli, acknowledges the number “seems quite inflated,” but the figure still made it [Read on...]

State Integrity Report Card: Michigan

By Louis Bach, Communications

The State Integrity Investigation has released corruption risk report cards for all fifty states, and Michigan is among the eight states that received an F for its vulnerability to corruption. Though Michigan received an A for its internal auditing and scores of B- for both its state budget process and procurement, [Read on...]

D3 and the “New Macomb”

by Louis Bach, Communications; and Kurt Metzger, Director

source: Macomb NOW Magazine

Next time you’re near a newsstand, be sure to check out Macomb NOW Magazine’s article “The Land of Opportunity: The ‘New’ Macomb County”:

In 2011, the Detroit metropolitan economic and political leadership “discovered” Macomb County. At a political [Read on...]