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Michigan’s First Year of Population Growth Shows Wide Variations

The Census Bureau has released its latest population estimates for 2012 today. The estimates cover metropolitan statistical areas, micropolitan statistical areas and counties. The numbers show that the Great Plains and West Texas contained many of the fastest growing areas in the country, including Casper, Wyoming and Bismarck, North Dakota. Why you may ask? The [Read on...]

Michigan Turns the Corner as Population Increases for the First Time Since 2005

The Census Bureau released State population estimates for 2012 (July 1, 2012) and Michigan is shown as gaining population between 2011 and 2012 – up 6,559 persons or 0.1 percent. While this pales when compared to Texas’s gain of 427,400 residents (#1 in number gained) or North Dakota’s 2.17 percent increase (#1 in percentage gain), [Read on...]

Good News Keeps Coming: Metro Detroit’s Housing Value Recovery

by Kurt Metzger, Director

Metro Detroit’s home price recovery was extended to 15 straight months in September with another increase above the inflation rate, helping to lead a national housing recovery in a weak economy.

The Detroit area’s 7.6 percent price growth from September 2011 was the third highest in the nation behind Phoenix’s 20.4 [Read on...]

Good News on the Economic Front for Michigan

by Kurt Metzger, Director

Personal income rose in 2011 in all of the nation’s 366 metropolitan statistical areas for the first time since 2007, according to estimates released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. When adjusted for inflation however, 44 metros actually experienced income loss [1]. Leading the pack were the Odessa and [Read on...]

Need Data? See If D3 Already Has You Covered

by Kurt Metzger, Director

The August/September issue of Global Trade Magazine features a story on the Top 50 Cities for Global Trade. They describe it as “really two rankings in one. The overall ranking lists the 50 largest metropolitan areas [1] by export volume” along with “a set of superlative rankings selected by the editors [Read on...]

Natural Decrease: Michigan’s Efforts to Increase Population Thwarted by Decreasing Births and Increasing Deaths

by Kurt Metzger, Director

Now that the Michigan Department of Community Health has released the death numbers for 2010, Data Driven Detroit has analyzed the decade’s trend and its effect on population change in the State. Michigan has been losing population annually since 2005, according to the Census Bureau. The 2010 – 2011 loss was [Read on...]

2012 Michigan Scorecard Now Available

by Louis Bach, Communications

The 2012 Michigan Scorecard, a product of collaboration between The Center for Michigan and Data Driven Detroit, is now available. The Scorecard tracks Michigan’s status through twenty-eight measures in three areas: Talent and Education, Economy and Quality of Life, and Effective Government. From the Scorecard’s website:

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State Integrity Report Card: Michigan

By Louis Bach, Communications

The State Integrity Investigation has released corruption risk report cards for all fifty states, and Michigan is among the eight states that received an F for its vulnerability to corruption. Though Michigan received an A for its internal auditing and scores of B- for both its state budget process and procurement, [Read on...]

ArtServe Michigan on the Creative State of Our Economy

ArtServe Michigan recently released a report regarding the importance of the arts and culture as a stimulus to economic improvement in the State of Michigan. One of the results of their Michigan Culture Data Project finds that “in 2010, arts, culture and historical attractions and events accounted for $2.1 billion, or 17 percent, of total [Read on...]