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Was the 2008 presidential election a voting boom or bust?

Do you really know who voted in 2008?

The 2008 Presidential election generated more excitement and youth involvement than any in recent memory. The Census Bureau has just released the demographic characteristics of the voters in the 2008 general election and we can now see what the real[1] turnout [Read on...]

The Census is Coming! The Census is Coming!

The census is coming! Make sure you're counted!

When the first U.S. census was conducted in 1790, cries of undercount were heard across the land. Surely there were more than about 4 million residents in the new nation!

Ever since, the Census Bureau has made an effort to conduct an accurate count [Read on...]

Michigan Population Stats: We would have lost more, but there was nowhere to run


The Census Bureau released new population estimates this morning. Here is my analysis of what it means for Michigan.

Michigan loses population between 2008 and 2009 for 4th straight year – second largest amount (32,759) [Read on...]

Tough Job Market is Tougher on Those with “Black” Names

Her future may be determined by her name.

As the recession grows deeper and competition for jobs grows fiercer, the black community is being disproportionately passed over for jobs. Recently, the New York Times carried a story about how African Americans are “whitewashing” their resumes to avoid job discrimination. Many are [Read on...]