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The Molecule Behind the Crime

Morgan Robinson, Senior Analyst

A recent article in Mother Jones, “America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead,” by Kevin Drum explores the statistical link between childhood lead exposure and criminal behavior later in life. In major cities across the board, Drum associates a dramatic upward shift in crime rates during the 1970’s with associated with the introduction [Read on...]

Meet the Staff: Erica Raleigh, Public Safety Analyst

by Louis Bach, Communications

D3’s data systems project manager and public safety analyst, Erica Raleigh, has been with the organization for nearly its entire existence. She was hired in early 2009 to compile the One D scorecard; since then, she has managed and contributed to projects including Detroit Kids Data, the Center for Michigan [Read on...]

Don’t Hate the Cities, Hate the Rankings

By Louis Bach, Communications

City crime rankings imply distributions of crime like illustration C, with uniform crime rates within a city that change suddenly at a city border. Crime occurs more frequently in patterns like illustration D, with crime focused around a hot spot and diminishing with distance. Source: NIJ

In October, D3 responded [Read on...]

Detroit ranks 17th, Not First, in Crime

OR Ten Reasons Not to Trust Top Ten Lists


By Data Driven Detroit Staff

Data Driven Detroit’s mission is to provide up-to-date, objective information to inform better decisions. Often that information is negative and our first inclination is to run away from it. Accurate information is purely information that, whether negative or positive, [Read on...]