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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

Celebrating the Data Guru

Today marks a bittersweet day in Data Driven Detroit’s history as we celebrate the achievements of Detroit’s own data guru and D3’s founding director, Kurt Metzger.

This morning, Kurt was honored at a breakfast at Detroit’s Rattlesnake Club. Friends and colleagues praised his accomplishments and thanked him for his work using data to make [Read on...]

Diversity is the Future for Michigan

The Census Bureau released its newest compilation of 2010 Census data for Michigan on March 8. This file allows us to understand the demographics of the growing racial and ethnic groups across our State and in our neighborhoods. While Data Driven Detroit will begin to produce a series of Detailed Race/Ethnic profiles, I decided [Read on...]

Beauty Truly is in the Eye of the Beholder!

I am sure that everyone reading this post has been to the Zoo at sometime in their life. I grew up going to the Cincinnati Zoo and have tried to visit others when in cities around the country. I remember being overwhelmed by the size of the Detroit Zoo when I first moved here in [Read on...]

Michigan Births Take Another Hit

The long awaited release of final birth numbers for 2010 show that Michigan experienced another year of decreasing births – a trend that, with a few minor variations, has been in effect for the last 20 years. The decrease from 2009 to 2010 was 2.2 percent, as births fell from 117,309 to 114,717. Overall, annual [Read on...]

Let the Spirit of Volunteerism Rise in Metro Detroit!

On Wednesday, February 22, I have the distinct pleasure of joining Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh and WDET’s Craig Fahle for “an unprecedented evening on Wayne State’s Campus.” As the announcement

You can join together with leaders who share your passion and dedication for a healthy, stable Detroit.

The night will be historic. It [Read on...]

Coffee Is Indeed Good For You!

I read an article the other day that made me think of the Woody Allen movie Sleeper. In the movie, Woody has been cryogenically frozen and is thawed out many years later. Among the many consequences of this time warp is that he discovers scientists have changed their views on the dangers of many [Read on...]

A Message I Just Had to Repeat!

I realize that a vast majority of the public no longer gets the Sunday paper – either delivered, from the store or from a newspaper box. I also realize that many pull their news from the web and, while they are able to consume a vast variety of headlines and human interest stories, [Read on...]

Why Shouldn’t I Retire in Michigan?

Making it through another birthday last Sunday made my thoughts go once again to the “Big R” – Retirement. While I can’t see myself giving up the “data business” entirely, nor divorcing myself from Data Driven Detroit, I do find the thought of a leisurely coffee (or two or three), comfortable clothes and some reading [Read on...]

When Demographic Analysis Causes Concern

In late December, the Census Bureau released its latest population estimates for the nation and states. Since Michigan was the only state to lose population over the last decade, but appeared to be coming out of the recession on the back of a revived auto industry, I anticipated continued loss but hoped for a slight [Read on...]

Another Nail in the Regional Transit Coffin

Just as I was making a partial recovery from the news of the Light Rail project cancellation, and fighting myself not to send a diatribe to the newspapers, I was greeted with the not wholly unexpected vote by the Troy City Council not to accept the Federal government’s offer of $8.5 million for the intermodal [Read on...]