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Data Driven Detroit (D3) provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive decision-making that strengthens communities in Southeast Michigan.

Celebrating the Data Guru

Today marks a bittersweet day in Data Driven Detroit’s history as we celebrate the achievements of Detroit’s own data guru and D3’s founding director, Kurt Metzger.

This morning, Kurt was honored at a breakfast at Detroit’s Rattlesnake Club. Friends and colleagues praised his accomplishments and thanked him for his work using data to make [Read on...]

A Detroit Data History Lesson with Kurt Metzger

by Kurt Metzger, Director

As we enter into 2013, Data Driven Detroit’s new affiliation with the Michigan Nonprofit Association has inspired me to take a step back and reflect on my history and how Data Driven Detroit was born. The history of the organization and my own are inexorably intertwined! In 1975, I accepted a [Read on...]

Educating Youths to Prepare for the Future

By Kurt Metzger, Director

Data Driven Detroit (D3) is dedicated to sharing much of the data we collect, compile, and visualize. Our website hosts numerous tools for accessing data and we’re developing more training opportunities for interested people to learn more about data. In the meantime, public speaking opportunities are still the best way we [Read on...]

Educators should count on data

Staying ahead of the numbers can help schools save critical programs

Today I read this headline in the Detroit Free Press: “School districts study enrollment drops.” The article talked about how school officials in Southfield and Romulus have created committees to study their shrinking student populations and to consider the ramifications. Will they have [Read on...]

National Community Activist Has Hopes for Detroit

Geoffrey Canada, founder of the Harlem Children's Zone

The second day (Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009) of the Promise Neighborhood Conference in New York opened by a welcome from the recently re-elected Mayor of New York – Michael Bloomberg.

The first panel of the day consisted of Otis Johnson Mayor of Savannah, GA; Cory [Read on...]

The Hope of Promise Neighborhoods

A successful 3rd grade math class in the HCZ

About 1,400 individuals from around the country, representing community planning teams from well over 100 cities, have come to New York City this week to learn more about Promise Neighborhoods, a federal initiative based on the Harlem Children’s Zone.

The Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ) is [Read on...]

12 Questions with Kurt Metzger

Kurt Metzger, Director of the Detroit-Area Community Information System center

Kurt Metzger recently joined City Connect Detroit as the Director of the new Detroit Area Community Information System center, also known as D-ACIS. Kurt has previously held posts with the United States Census Bureau where he served as Director, covering Michigan, Ohio, and West [Read on...]