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Uphill Both Ways: Chronicling Metro Detroit’s Transit Mismatch

This is the first post in a new D3 blog series looking at employment and commuting patterns in Detroit and the surrounding region.

The recent Detroit Free Press feature on James Robertson, a Detroit resident who faces a four-hour commute to his job in Rochester that can involve twenty-one miles of walking, provides a new [Read on...]

Plane, Train, or Automobile (or Bus)

By Louis Bach, Communications

Amtrak has announced that they are upgrading the infrastructure on their Detroit-Chicago line:

A $196 million grant will reduce train travel time by 30 minutes between Detroit and Chicago. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood awarded the grant to the Michigan Department of Transportation for track and signal improvements between [Read on...]

Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized Screened at the Detroit Film Theatre

by Louis Bach, Communications

The documentary “Urbanized” was shown at the DIA on Tuesday, October 11; director Gary Hustwit took questions after the screening. “Urbanized” is the third of Hustwit’s highly-regarded trilogy of documentaries about design, following “Helvetica” (on the typeface) and “Objectified” (on industrial design of consumer products).

Detroit features prominently in the [Read on...]

Personal Income Rides Off Into the Sunset

By Danny Devries, Data Analyst

As home to the “Big Three,” Detroit is the Motor City, the modest region that drives the world. But what drives Detroiters? Cars, cars, cars. Sure, we have our SMART and DDOT buses, but according to the OneD Scorecard, Detroit has the sixth highest percentage of people who drive [Read on...]